Cancer Causes and Symptoms and Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is a well known deadly disease that is caused due to the inability of some uncontrollably growing cells to die. More than 100 types of cancer have been identified till date, classified on the basis of the type of the initially affected cell.

Here are some of the cancer symptoms that might help you detect a specific kind of cancer:
1. Bladder cancer: the presence of blood in the urine, having the pain or burning during urination; cloudy urine and the frequent urination.
2. Bone cancer: having pain in the bone or the swelling around the area which is affected; bone fractures; fatigues; weakness; weight loss; repeated infections; vomiting; nausea; constipation; weakness or leg numbness; persistent bumps and bruises.
3. Brain cancer: abnormal eye movement or some changes in vision; dizziness; drowsiness; weakness; difficulties in walking or loss of feelings in arms and legs; changes in personality, speech and memory; headaches that is worst in the morning but tends to ease during the day.
4. Breast cancer: lump or breast thickening; discharge from the nipple; feeling of heat.

Cancer usually forms tumors of cells that interfere with the nervous, digestive and circulatory systems of the body and sometimes alter the functions by releasing unwanted hormones. They are usually benign and are limited to a region. The more dangerous is the other kind of tumors, i.e. the malignant ones. It occurs when a cancerous cell manages to travel throughout the body through the circulatory system and destroy healthy tissues in its path.
Cancer usually develops due to mutation in the genes of the cell making it to forget to die. The cell goes on multiplying and does not die as it had to. Finally, it starts forming a mass. These mutations are caused by many different stimuli like x-rays, radiations, different chemicals etc.
The main factor that affects the successful treatment of cancer is based on the timing of detection. An early detection of the deadly disease greatly improves the odds of successful treatment. A biopsy, i.e. obtaining a sample of the affected tissue and studying using a microscope is the only way of diagnosis.

Cancer is treated using a number of techniques that include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, gene therapy, hormone therapy etc. that come in the category of oncology.
Cancer, a serious disease that is life- threatening. A number of cancer cases in the United States are continuously growing up each year. Anybody can get cancer; people of all ages has the possibility to get cancer, but it is mostly common to people of middle- aged and elderly people than in the young ones.
The most common type of cancer among men and women is the skin cancer; next to being the most common type of cancer for men is prostate cancer, while among women it is breast cancer. The leading cause of death for both men and women from cancer is the lung cancer, and the most common for children and young adults are brain cancer and leukemia.

We need to learn more about cancer causes so we could find ways to prevent it. We know that cancer is not caused by an injury like bump or bruises, and that cancer is not contagious so no one can get or catch cancer from another person.
Cancer causes are not really clear but cancer is developing gradually as the result of a complex factor from the environment, the lifestyle and to some its heredity. Here are some known factors that increase the risk of cancer; tobacco, diet, sunlight, radiation, chemicals and other harmful substances, hormone replacement therapy, Diethylstilbestrol and close relatives with certain types of cancer.

You may be able to reduce the risk of having cancer by making the good food choices, take a varied and a well- balanced diet and foods that contains vitamins, fibers and minerals.

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